Danças na Ilha 2022
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About Danças na Ilha

We made something unique

Only for you…

Dance is an experience by itself. So we decided to create the perfect combination between the most paridisiac stage in Portugal and the rhythms that make you move.
Danças na Ilha is born in 2018 in a very modest dance afternoon format. Over time, we expanded, with the goals of developing the dancing community in the Azores and promoting the opportunity for the discovery of one of the most beautiful islands in Portugal.

The crazy boss

Philippe Hecht

The OCD of the festival.
Already being in this market for more than 5 years, he assures that the experience of the island and something never felt before.
More than creating a unique dance experience, his main goal is to build a dance family on the islands.

“I fell in love with the energy of this island from the first day I set foot on it.”

The beautiful boss

Ricardo Silveira

One of the fundamental pieces for the good functioning of this festival.
Already considered a local, Ricardo has known this magical island for more than 5 years.
Besides an immense passion for dance, what really moves him in this experience is the people.

“I want to develop an unforgettable experience in a magical place.”

How is the Danças na Ilha experience?

O festival deste ano foi épico 🙏🏻 Ainda estou a recuperar aos poucos ahahah

Juliana Silva

I have no words ... Thank you so much for that awesome festival, for all details, people, artists, all employees and that special way to treat people you have. I have really have so much fun.

Merce Camp

Um excelente ambiente familiar. Excelentes professores. TOP 🔥

José Augusto

Fim de semana fantástico. Parabéns ao Philippe e Ricardo. Foi a minha estreia num festival e fiquei apaixonada 😊

Fernanda Neves

Simplesmente espectacular, cheio de carinho, profissionais estupendos, enfim, vim de coração cheio e nunca vou esquecer este aniversário que graças a todos foi UNICO!!!

Carla Rendall

What an amazing weekend surrounded by friends and great energy! 2022 tamo a vir!

Ricardo Gaspar

Thanks y’all for such a beautiful experience in Danças Na Ilha!! 💜 You have an amazing energy and together we were a great crew. Thanks Philippe and Ricardo for organizing this, inviting us and taking care of everything as perfect as you did.

David & Laura

Agradeço a vibe foi muito muito boa, vocês são MT fortes ahah. Foi o primeiro festival que fui, funcionou tudo bem!

Mike Silva